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Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's Not You; It's Me

This is just to say I haven't forgotten the address to my blog, as E suspected I might: I started class, and during the modular term class is at odd times.  This weekend, for instance, I had 6 hours yesterday and 8 hours today of Supply Chain Managment.  Ow. The pain.

The good news is: I'm off for a beer and sunset watching with some fellow students soon.  The bad news is: despite fighting back from a 6 point deficit twice to hold the lead with 2 minutes left, WP lost in the semi-finals yesterday to a determined and relentless Blue Bulls team who would not DIE. DIE, you Bulls, DIE!  But the match was pretty good - lots more kicks than I am accustomed to seeing, and several times when I actually convinced myself I knew what was happening.  But I bid adieu to the fierce fightin' initials of WP (jou lekker ding!) until next time.

In weird news, the Cheetahs upset the Sharks yesterday in the early game, meaning it's anyone's match for the final in two weeks.  So I have time to study up on my rugby - oh, and my supply chain management - before watching it all go down on the big screens in The Brig, on my last day of class.  Hopefully I'll have written you something compelling before that!

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