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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Blackhawks, Furballs, and Irish Chains: The Wedding of E and J

…another foray into traditional patterns for wedded friends, with sporty colors and concern for cat hair.

Back in November, friends Erica and Josh tied the knot, but before that I had asked what kind of colors I ought to consider when making their present, and E informed me that red, white and black were her colors: the colors for her wedding, the colors of her beloved Chicago Blackhawks, and also partly the colors of her alma mater, where she met her future husband, though she didn't know that last part at the time - though it sounds like maybe Josh knew!  - and also where he also proposed to her.  Aw!

A pile of preliminary fabric pulls, with E and J's invitation for guidance.

I know E from our mutual obsession with the weightlifting part of Crossfit - in the past, we eschewed the WODs in favor of hiding out on the Oly Lifting side of the gym.  But last year we successfully completed, like what? 3 whole months of mostly WODs? Which for us is amazing!  And we should start doing that again soon, and certainly after the number of cookies I've been enjoying this holiday season, which are shortly to number in the billions, right after I finish this batch of Tollhouse Chocolate Chips I whipped up today.  Crossfit does not figure into this quilt story: that was just a reminder to E that she needs to call me and/or start coming to the 11:00 Saturday Oly class on Belmont.  I promise I won't even talk about doing the morning class ever again!