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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Appendectomy and Abscess: The Lost Jane Austen Novel?, just my last few weeks in HospitaLand.

Hey kittens;
A few people were asking so I figured I'd lay out my recent adventures into ill-health in one fell swoop, for those who cared to read it - not exactly Adventures in Cape Town, but I have a feeling that wading through the health system on this one is going to be quite the little safari, so maybe there will be a few more chapters down the line.

And speaking of lines, here's a timeline of my recent woes, described in further pustular detail below.  If it's that interesting to you, you can click to make these pictures a bit larger.

The appendicitis attack itself wasn't that bad - at least it came on fast, exhibited classic symptoms, left little room for hemming and hawing, and was a relatively finite expense.  I mean, we aren't talking about cancer here, people.  I got kinda lucky.