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Friday, October 24, 2014

Sketchy Ducks and the Teal-Lime Triangle Kid

…in which some triangles meet up, and some do not.

One of my volleyball teammates (team name:  Volleybrawlers) has had a baby!  Well, okay, his wife had the baby, but Bobby helped.  And prior to this actually happening, like back in spring, I have this vague recollection of asking him about the upcoming Blessed Event, and him mentioning something about nursery colors being in the blues and greens, and also that ducks would be involved.  I'm sure I had to pry this out of him during post-game beers, as I don't think that nursery colors are typically the sort of thing Bobby would volunteer, so I may be a little hazy on the details, or in fact have made up the entire thing up.  But as always, when someone gives me a color, such as "blue", I immediately panic, thinking "WHICH blue?"  There are so many.  Inevitably, my color paralysis leads me to choose All The Blues, like so:

Several blues, and a couple of lime greens.
In the first version of this, there was only blues, but it was kind of dead and boring to look at.  I think throwing some lime green in there livened it up a bit, and in my head the lime green was befriended and introduced around by the light blue to everyone else, and now they all get along like a house afire.  Don't ask me why my brain anthropomorphizes the relationship between colors like that.  Royal Blue doesn't like me to talk about it.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

An Arkansas Traveler, Stem Stitches, and the Magic of Paper

….being a wee wedding quilt for an old college chum, with some forays into paper-piecing and label-making.

I know I can be a bit scattered when it comes to spacing out on Important Things Happening Around Me, but somehow, my friend Jeannie got married this fall and I was caught unawares.  Curses, people!  Don't you know that my ability to provide you with a decent crafty Major Life Event present relies on some lead time?