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Monday, November 2, 2009

free at last, free at last...

For those of you playing along at home, Friday was my very last MBA class, EVER.  Ding dong!  The witch is dead!  I do have some fairly anticlimactic assignments due, which I'm busy doing instead of entertaining you all with cogitatin' and ruminatin', but never fear...cogitatin' and ruminatin' are right around the corner.  Just thought I'd mark this momentous occasion by, uh, remarking on this momentous occasion.

In more excellent news,
friend Melanie will be joining me as of this coming Friday, and is sure to be the impetus for all of the fun touristy stuff that I fail to do when I'm on my own, like visiting the penguin beach and finally seeing Jo'Burg.  Thrills await!  Hopefully, my camera will be operational, and I'll remember to bring it, when those thrills are going down.

I have moved from the cute-cottage-with-the-irritating-landlord into an art deco loft building in the heart of the Central Business District.  Pro:  super funky building with lots of period detail, walking distance to a ton of stuff, with access to a pool and a gym, as well as the ubiquitous bathtub.  Con: traffic noise I'm no longer used to, since I've lived in practically-suburban Ravenswood for so long, and distance from the actual ocean, which I've visited infrequently enough that I might as well be Jo'burg.  Hoping to rectify that soon.  Meanwhile, it took a bit to sort out the internet in this unit, but I'm online now, albeit slowly, and with an actual 10m long UBS cable tethering my poor, freedom-loving laptop to the wall.  No wi-fi? I'm so sure!

And finally, I know some of you - er, okay, just Mike - was on pins and needles about the outcome of the fiercely contested Currie Cup final, which occurred this past Saturday night on the Vodacom Blue Bulls' home turf in Praetoria.  Their savage defense and masterful kicking game bowled over the feisty but ultimately outclassed underdogs (undercats?) from the Free State - game stat snapshot:  as of almost the halfway mark, the Cheetahs had controlled the ball for 80% of the time, but were losing by three tries. When their scrappy offense could break past the Bulls stellar d, they made hay (excepting a missed kick early in the game that was a critical blow, especially given later events), but this happened so infrequently that their trademark come-from-behind strategy failed them despite a thrilling twofer scoring near the end of the first period.  Final score: 36-24, and props to the Bulls, who at least played like the team that should have won.

Which I guess means I can start concentrating on the Springboks, who play already against Leicester on the 7th?  Despite the fact that easily half the squad were also Provincial players, some of whom did yoeman's work this weekend.  Power on, brothers!

okay, back to the grind - hopefully I'll be more interesting in the future.


  1. Well struck, Kel. And mad props for completing your MBA. You're a superstar and have been since you were a mud-eating toddler. Now that school is done you can concentrate on your destiny: figuring out how we can all live happily in a compound without having to work very much to support our appallingly lush lifestyle. I'll look for that white paper to hit my inbox shortly.

  2. Kelly, congratulations! The math staggers the mind. I would like in on the compound thing Mike mentioned.

    Cf your last line, you are always interesting.