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Monday, April 21, 2014

Binding the Fractured Flower

…that's not a euphemism.  It's the completion of Lulu's birthday quilt.

Not much to say on this one, just a few final photos of the completed quilt I was calling "Apophenia", but which pattern is really called Fractured Flowers - as I'd previously decided, I bound it up in orange stripes with a hint of green, for the most part…..though naturally, I ran out of it after making an error, and in my attempt to finish the whole quilt on time, I used a little scrappy bit of other orange fabric, which tone I ended up liking better for being a little orange-er and warmer.  That's okay, though: I still like the stripy fabric as well.  Binge-watching for this binding was seasons 1 & 2 of "Grimm."  How I love to bind a quilt and half-pay attention to bad television featuring pretty men.  I am a middle-aged cliche.

A few more photos….the first is the whole completed top with binding still in progress on the upper and upper right-hand sides (you can see the little binding clippy things I've been using instead of pins, which I dearly love:)

And here is a slightly better view of the quilting,
though those lines were supposed to be "wonky" and aimless they ended up being straighter than I thought, almost despite my best efforts. Which is sort of a shame because since they only look wonky in some spots, it looks even more accidental than usual….am going to have to practice looking unpracticed more.

Here she is, all bound and coiled and ready to be mailed - you can see that the slightly darker orange, which print is like little suns and very cute, is a deeper orange than the stripey-orange-and-green binding, and I think it sets the blue and dark olive off a little better.  But how can you not like a stripey binding? It is nearly impossible, I think.

So on to other, hopefully less frustrating things.  On deck:  low volume, minky, appliqué, pops of color, and the everlasting 2" hexi color-wash quilt.  The weather is turning a bit warmer and I suspect I'll slow way down over summer, if last year is any indication, but it's never too hot to sit on the couch binge-watching bad TV and hand-sewing.

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